Upflex and Oyster
have joined forces to help you hire globally

Why do distributed teams choose Oyster?

Oyster is the go-to Global HR Platform trusted by teams around the world to hire, pay and take care of their cross-border team members.

Painless cross-border hiring

Watertight compliance

Top-notch experience

Hire, pay and take care of your team in 180+ countries. Manage international team members and contractors in a single platform.

Leave the details of tax compliance and managing local labor laws to Oyster. Compliance guardrails and business protections are built into our platform.

Work fearlessly with support from Oyster. We’re here to help navigate the complex world of global employment and support you while you lead your business to new corners of the globe.

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Upflex customers who join Oyster will receive their first hire free (up to $8,500 value) plus 10% off all new hires in the first 12 months.

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