Distributed Bootcamp Coach

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What will this course cover?

  • Effecting cultural and behavioral change in a distributed company
  • Becoming a role model and coach to your distributed team
  • How (distributed) learning works
  • Asynchronous lesson design
  • Delivering Distributed Bootcamp internally
  • Integrating Distributed Bootcamp into your onboarding

People Operations

It's your job to make sure your distributed team is performing at optimal performance; you'll be able to upskill and standardize communication and collaboration across your org.

Company Leaders

You're a leader in a startup and you want to help your distributed team optimize for efficiency and engagement by implementing some best practices for communication and collaboration.

Distributed Champion

Maybe you're the remote "guinea pig" in your org or maybe you're a Team Lead or People Manager looking to help your team enhance the communication and process it takes to GSD. 

Who is this course for?

The Distributed Coach training is designed for organizational leaders who want to prepare their teams for the present and future of distributed work 

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Raising the bar for team management

The Distributed Bootcamp Coach will prepare you to upskill your teams by teaching you how to empower your organization with best-practices for distributed communication and collaboration. In the Coach program, you'll learn how to facilitate Distributed Bootcamp in your organization. 

What is Distributed Bootcamp Coach? 

Distributed Bootcamp Coach is a training program that teaches People Operations pros how to deliver the Distributed Bootcamp training program at your organization.

HR professionals will learn how to:

  • Deliver a best-in-class distributed training to your team
  • Catalyze behavioral change in your organization
  • Champion healthy working culture for your team
  • Effectively onboard and up-skill your new team members
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What is Distributed Bootcamp? 

Distributed Bootcamp is a training program for team members that teaches best practices of distributed communication and collaboration.

Your organization will learn:

  • Best practices in asynchronous and synchronous communication
  • The most advanced digital work tools
  • Best practices for maintaining your physical and mental well-being
  • Best practices for collaborating across multiple timezones, tools and teams

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Become a Distributed Bootcamp Coach to equip your team with cutting-edge best practices and tools to enhance communication and collaboration.